The Observation Room is coming soon! Fall Pricing is now in effect.

Welcome to Lights Out! Escape Rooms and Social Lounge

Social Lounge is open to the public. 

Wine/Craft Beer, Games, FREE Movie Nights, and more. 

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We offer Horror flair, without all the scares. Our rooms are designed to be fun and interactive, without being all jump scare tactics.  If any hesitation over the horror element, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss what to expect. 

About Us

Horror Themed Rooms

Escape Rooms with a horror flair. Each room is designed to test your wits and your will.  Do you have what it takes to survive and make it out alive? 

The Sanctuary (Social Lounge)

The Sanctuary offers a laid back environment for your group, before and after your game, or if you just want to come in and relax. Adult Beverages are available, along with puzzles, party games, and board games to further test your brain.  We also have a big projector screen which we show movies and montages. 

Team Building

Work together to become a stronger group. Whether it is family, friends, or co-workers, face your fears as one. 

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Lights Out!

1500 W Littleton Blvd, Unit 110 C/D, Litleton, CO 80120


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