Corporate Events

Team-Building Done Right

Are you looking for an exciting way to bond with your group?  Lights Out! is the place for you.  Our horror-themed Escapes are designed to get your adrenaline going and make your group work together to tackle our challenges.  For a team-building aspect, we can spice up the challenge with our Sensory Deprivation, where members will choose their fate of either being stripped of hearing, touch, or talk.  

We offer discounts to large groups that are looking to have an experience different than your typical night out.  Call our offices at 720-484-4616 to discuss our special rates.

In addition to our Escape Rooms, we also offer a Social Lounge for your groupt to relax in. In the Lounge, we serve Wine/Craft Beer, Harley's Gourmet Hot Dogs, have a projector to do presentations or show movies, and have board games, party games, and puzzles to cater to any group.  If wish to rent the Social Lounge out for your group exclusively, it is $100 per hour.  We can also make catering arrangements with Dickey's BBQ and Romano's Italian. 


Contact us today, to schedule your next big event. 720-484-4616