Try Them Out


Gourmet dogs for any palette. Stop in and visit, or order from our Social Lounge.

Jim Ferguson

Movie scene artist who captures the heart of the movies that he brings to life in his works. Artwork is available online or in our store.

Serving Lace

High-Fashion, Custom Styled Lace Front Wigs


Offers fun puzzle rooms, themed games that challenge you to solve a crucial mission. You will work together with your team to complete the mission, encountering challenging puzzles along the way. 

Dickey's Barbecue

Doing barbecue right since 1941.  Dickeys offers several locations around the Denver Metro area.  Dickey's offers catering to Lights Out! for group events.  Let us know if interested. 

Mystic Escape Rooms

Lights Out! can only offer so much replayability.  Luckily, there is another Escape Room less than a mile from us, that ventures into the Mystery realm.  Solve their puzzles to unearth fascinating secrets.

Weirdo @ Gladys

How about some drag with swag?  At Gladys you can dive into the unique, during Weirdo Night.  Lights Out is one of the Event's sponsors.  Go let your freak flag fly!

RESOLUTE Brewing Company

RESOLUTE Brewing Company is craft beer by friends, for friends. Based in Centennial, Colo., RESOLUTE is dedicated to bringing together communities, celebrating culture and delivering award-winning, true-to-style craft beer.

More to come.......

Want to join in on what we're building?  Contact us, to see how we can work together.