Escape Rooms

Survivor Challenge

Difficulty: 8

Are you afraid of the dark?  In this scavenger escape, players will have to overcome the dark and race the clock to solve the puzzles, in order to complete their objectives and not become the main course for the zombies.   Can you gain access to The Sanctuary?

Big Top Horror (4 players required for game start)

Difficulty: 7

A murderous clown is no laughing matter. Unfortunately for your group, you have found yourself trapped in the fun-house of one. Can you escape before he has the last laugh?  By far our scariest room.  It tests your will, as much as it does your wits.

Zombie Nursery

Difficulty: 5

Welcome to every babysitter's worst nightmare! Can you complete the tasks and earn your pay for the night, or will you become the children's midnight snack? Trust me when I say, they are always hungry.

Under the Bed

Difficulty: 6

Most of the time, the things that go bump in the night are just a figment of your imagination.  But what do you do when it's not?  At Lights Out, we have an Evil that is tormenting a little boy.  Can you help him conquer his fears?  Don't let this room fool you.  Even though it is family-friendly, it is still a challenge.

The Observation Room (Coming Mid-October)

This 1-2 player escape is designed to test your mental metal.  Can you break free from the literal shackles and escape your own insanity?